All Things Happen for a Reason

And another Throwback Thursday post.

This I believe.  All things happen for a reason.  The bad and the good are all part of God’s plan.  While I’d like to believe this is solely a Christian concept, I know that many religions have this philosophy.  I have never experienced as much pain and heartache as some in this world.  Nonetheless, I still have bad days.  And on these bad days, I lean on my faith and my God.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 (ICB) says, “God certainly does everything at just the right time.”  There are moments when I wish I knew why.  “Why?” always seems to be the hardest question to answer.  Many times I try to console myself with the answer I already know.  “How, when, and what” are all attempts to fill the void that was once in my heart.  It is human nature to want to know all the answers.  However, there comes a point when faith – being certain of what we cannot see – is necessary.  My whole life I have been taught that negative experiences will make me stronger in the end.  I have treasured this in my heart.  This is a truth I can stand by and hope for.

As I have matured I have discovered many gifts that God gave me.  One of these gifts is the gift of belief.  Many would see this as a pitfall, but I do not.  Because I believe, I trust what I have been taught.  I know that God is always taking care of me, no matter what happens.  This is why I will always believe that all things happen for a reason.


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