The Fatal Error

Forgive me…  I have made a fatal error in the blogging world:  I have neglected to post anything in several weeks.  Most dedicated blog authors submit posts daily, even multiple times a day.  At the very least, they post on a somewhat consistent basis.  I have failed and I hope my few readers will not hold this shortcoming against me.

Hopefully, as the summer season begins, I will be able to think more clearly and write more often.  In school, my #1 complaint was always about writing.  I hated it.  Oh, I was good at it, don’t get me wrong.  But it just took so much time and energy for me to muster up anything that I felt like was worthwhile.  I just didn’t see the point in it all.  My energy seemed better directed towards the fields of math and science.  At least there I could usually figure out the definite answer or the correct process.  Writing is a whole different ballpark.

When I came to college, I soon realized that writing was not as bad as what I had made it out it be.  Journaling became a new hobby for me.  The lost art of writing cursive in a pretty, bound leather notebook appealed to me because I was in control of what I wrote, how I said it, and who I aimed my writing towards.  Maybe that is why writing is favored by so many; it gives us control – the ability to create our own worlds, speak our own thoughts, and safely test our abilities without the risk of being wrong.  Some prose is just so powerful, it makes even the most untalented and disinterested of us want to pick up a pen and start writing after we read it.

To end us, a quote that speaks to the true power of written language:


And just for fun….



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